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a  v e r y  e r i k  k e n n e d y  c h r i s t m a s ,  2 0 1 9
This year's public domain Christmas music compilation finds me filling in some of the gaps left by last year's (still extraordinary) album. Notably there are a couple of proper love songs this time out, and a brace of songs set in space, and a song that compares snow to confectionery, which is usually a terrible idea, but the conceit is so earnestly over-the-top that it can't help but succeed. I'd say that about half of this album is embarrassing to play in front of other people, and that's a quality that the best Christmas music has; it refuses to fade into the background either through familiarity or blandness. It makes a claim on your attention with its forthrightness, and it bamboozles you with its strangeness. It is occasional poetry of the highest order.

This album, A Very Erik Kennedy Christmas, 2019, is available as a free download right here at Happy Christmas!

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Or track by track (length 33.32):

01. Eddie Hazelwood and His Carolina Woodchoppers - Blue Shadows on a White Christmas Tree
02. The Sounds Extraordinaire - Take a Ride on Santa's Rocket
03. Guy Lombardo and Evelyn Knight - Snowflakes
04. Ray Smith - An Old Christmas Card
05. Joe Ward - Christmas Questions
06. Blue Barron and His Orchestra - Christmas Dreaming (A Little Early This Year)
07. Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye - Santa Claus for President
08. Roger Roger - Jolly Bells
09. Arthur Godfrey with the Chordettes and the Cherry Sisters - A Marshmallow World
10. Red Coffee - Ducky Christmas
11. John A. McGee and Hack Swain and His Music - Christmas in Florida
12. Interplanetary Merry Christmas - Christmas on the Moon

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